Available all year, we have 14 sites for RV's with 50 amp hookups that can accommodate up to 40'+ with four slide-outs. A 6' privacy fence separates each unit. There is a grass area and flowers behind each unit, as well as picnic tables, to be able to enjoy the outdoors.
We also have 2 spaces that are pull-through for overnight and short stays. There is room to park 2 vehicles at each space.
This rate includes water, trash, sewer, electricity, television, and Internet connection with 30 meg download and 5 meg up.

Large propane tanks can be set at your space for long-term stays to keep the price affordable

Each unit has:
Privacy Fence
Internet Hook Up (Wireless with 30 meg download and 5 meg up)


 Rent is based on 750 kWh usage, far above the average in this park over the past 5 years. In fairness to all, additional rent will be imposed if your usage is excessive due to washer/dryer, freezer, using electric heaters instead of propane, electric fireplace, etc. Please keep in mind a 1,000 watt engine block heater that operates 10 hours a day (a Typical overnight time period) from late November through mid-March will use about about 400 KwH per month also    You must have heat tape on your water lines.


                * internet Service is rated by the ISP company, which may be slower at times.                     At no time are we liable for the speeds.